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What is Societal?

Societal: An application-specific blockchain, designed for the creation and management of decentralized communities


Societal is the premier, all-in-one community creation and management platform. Societal allows all types of groups or communities to build their own online, transparent organization. Societal bundles all of the tools required to create and manage your community in one place. Creators will be empowered to construct a community with a governance tokens: fungible, non-fungible, or a combination of both. Societal also combines all the tools required to manage your community, from treasury management, specialized governance, task boards, legal structuring, and accounting. This removes the need to move across different siloed platforms to manage the operations of your community. So whether a creator is looking to build a DAO for their organization, raise and deploy investment capital, or to decentralize governance of an NFT project, Societal has all the tools necessary for a seamless end-to-end experience.
Utilizing Substrate, Societal will provide communities with both maximum functionality and a cohesive user experience. With features including agnostic token compatibility, zero gas fees, a freemium entry point, and SaaS-based membership pricing, along with management tooling including governance tokens, treasury management, task boards, and accounting, Societal combines best-in-class features into one vertically integrated product. With integrations into DeFi, privacy, and identity protocols, Societal will enable web3 organizations to seamlessly transition and manage their communities into the future.