Features - Operations

Societal’s features fall into three main categories: Operations, Treasury, and Governance.

Job & Task Boards

The Job and Task Boards will allow the DAO to post positions they are looking to onboard or task-based jobs that the DAO needs completed. Tasks within a DAO vary from development, community moderation, design, content creation, treasury management, and much more. Tasks can be posted on this board to be completed by members asynchronously. The members that complete tasks can be rewarded in the DAO token or another form of payment as determined by the DAO.

A DAO may also want to hire employees. Members of the DAO can collectively vote on who they would want to hire for the positions, or they can delegate the decision making to a specific hiring committee within the DAO.


After employees have been hired by a DAO, payroll will need to be set up. Right now in most DAOs a separate platform is used to manage payroll. On Ethereum, a common platform for payroll management is Coordinape. Instead of having this as a third-part, siloed application, Societal will integrate payroll management into the platform.

Customizable Feeds

Customizable feeds provide a place for DAO administrators to display the most relevant information for their community, right on the DAO dashboard. Some of the customizable feeds may include news feeds, member directories, member content, or onboarding information. These feeds create an easy communication flow between the DAO and its members.

Societal will provide DAOs the required resources for them to form legal entities if required. Societal will provide these services by partnering with fintech companies that create legal entities for DAOs. These companies can also provide a full suite of financial services like bank accounts and tax filing. If incorporating is necessary for a DAO, the Societal management platform can store legal documentation on-chain and prompt your members to sign any documents that may be required.

On-Chain Reputation

The Societal platform will allow DAO members to socially recognize their colleagues for the work they have done with the DAO. Kudos can be given for administrative work, completing tasks, development, onboarding, governance, and more. This will enable active members of a DAO to be recognized and potentially rewarded for their contributions.

Web & Mobile Application

Much of the current web3 landscape is not optimized for mobile applications. Societal will offer both a web and mobile version of the application. The application will allow Societal users to manage all of the DAOs that they are members of. Users will be able to add all of their wallet address public keys to their Societal profile, which will enable members to have condensed access, both on desktop and mobile.

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