The four main services Societal offers.


This service allows anyone to create their own DAO with a highly specialized structure to properly manage their organization. This will allow the creator(s) of the DAO to choose their governance structure, token type(s), treasury guidelines and much more. The creators will also be able to add members to the DAO upon inception, or at a later time.


Societal facilitates web3 project’s transition into a DAO using the platform. Societal’s transition service is compatible with all web3 projects, from DeFi to NFTs. Web3 projects looking to transition to a DAO can use the platform to slowly transition their treasury and governance into a fully community-governed project.


DAOs created on other layer-1 blockchains (i.e. Ethereum, Cosmos) will be able to transition their DAO to our platform. This will expose their DAO to Societal’s full suite of DAO management tooling while also benefiting from a zero gas fee interaction environment.


Once a DAO has been created, the DAO can use the Societal product to seamlessly manage its operations. The management product suite ranges from job boards, payroll, treasury, accounting, and governance. The Societal platform will also have a web and mobile application to seamlessly manage operations.

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