App Store

All communities operating on the Societal network will have access to an ecosystem of integrated third-party tooling - similar to the "Shopify App Store". The App Store will allow existing and future community based products and tooling to deploy on the Societal blockchain, giving communities using the Societal platform the ability to customize their operating system to fit their specific needs.

The App Store will consist of three categories of products: Web2 Integrations, Community Tooling DApps, and Cross-Chain Integrations.

Web2 Integrations

By building our own application specific blockchain, Societal is able to easily customize its RPC endpoints and allow for integrations to current web2 products. As the DAO ecosystem grows, Societal will grow with them by offering a wide range of third-party services, on and off-chain.

In the future, DAOs will likely be the need to incorporate and become regulatory compliant. Societal can partner with fintech companies like Doola, which can help DAOs form legal entities, create bank accounts, and file taxes. Additionally, Societal will look to work with projects like Koinly - a service that automates crypto accounting and taxes, and Deel - a service that enables global payroll management for employees and contractors around the world. By vertically integrating these services into the platform, Societal will allow DAOs to scale in web3 and beyond.

DAO Tooling DApps

The Societal blockchain is EVM-compatible, allowing for Ethereum (Solidity) based DAO tooling DApps to deploy directly on Societal's chain. This will allow third-party DAO tooling products to offer their services to all of the DAOs operating on the Societal network, integrating directly into Societal's platform UI. This will allow for specialized payroll, identity, education, and many more product types to offer their services to the a wider network of DAOs.

Cross-Chain Integrations

Building within the Polkadot ecosystem exposes Societal to a wide range of potential partnerships and integrations, across DeFi, Privacy, Identity, and more. The entire Polkadot ethos is built around a mesh network of highly specialized blockchains, integrating with one another with cross-chain communication, in the same manner that current Web2 applications work today.

Instead of building out its own cryptographic primitives, Societal will vertically integrate with existing and future blockchains to advance its tech stack and product offering, something not seen in most web3 projects today. For example, Societal can integrate smart-contract enabled DeFi services by integrating with projects like Moonbeam, Parallel, and Composable Finance, which will allow DAOs using the Societal platform to utilize active treasury management strategies. For private assets and voting, projects like Manta and Phala can provide privacy-enabling functions like zero-knowledge proofs and trusted execution environments (TEEs). For on-chain credentials, projects like KILT and Litentry can provide KYC and credentialing services, which DAOs can use for governance and recruiting.

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